Self Study Course

Mat Work is the bedrock on which all of your training will be built. This five week program will help your dog learn important skills that can be generalized to real world situations. Advanced skills sets will be built upon this foundation.

woman with blonde hair and brown boots walking with yellow dog on leash and harness doping heel work


Instructor-led Online LIVE Sessions

Teaching dogs to station at your side can help build engagement, promote loose leash walking, and can also be used as a calming exercise in the face of distractions – in your home, on hikes or at the vet’s office.

woman dog trainer with blonde hair training a white jack russell terrier to do a send away in a large green field


Instructor-led Online LIVE Sessions

Teaching dogs to move away and station in the presence of distractions is an incredibly practical skill set. The process of teaching a Send away is valuable in and of itself as a way of building brain power and strengthening communication. It can also be used in real world situations when teaching dogs not to hover around the dining table, or for safety purposes when trying to ask your dog to move away from a potentially dangerous situation.

happy and active dog running extremely fast on a sandy beach near the ocean doing a Recall


Instructor-led Online LIVE Sessions

The Recall course builds off of the focus and enthusiastic engagement established in previous courses. It considers how recall training can be used in practical situations as a way of intercepting unwanted behavior in a variety of contexts.