Alyssa Rose (CPDT-KA)
Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist

I have been passionate about the science behind learning and behavior for as long as I can remember. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Psychology. I first used this degree by working in human mental health, with children and adults diagnosed with psychiatric disorders.

My original plan was to go into clinical psychology, but after spending six months in Alaska in 2008, I knew I was destined to work with animal behavior instead. I spent my time in Alaska studying and teaching others about the behavioral patterns of the native wildlife; all while living on a boat with my malamute mix, Kodi. 

I enrolled in an academy for professional dog trainers, and headed to Texas to study under two internationally renowned trainers. During this time I learned about beginner and advanced obedience training, behavior modification, and sport work. The sport work included agility, search and rescue, scent detection, tracking and protection training.

After graduating I began working at a prominent dog care facility in New York City. I was the head trainer and behavior consultant in the upper west side and upper east side of Manhattan. I conducted behavior assessments, private training sessions and group classes. In 2011 I branched off to begin focusing on behavior modification for the dogs no one else wanted to work with, frequently strong breeds with a history of aggressive behavior. 

I currently reside in San Diego, California with my husband, three kids and three dogs. My passion for behavioral training has only grown stronger. I work with clients all over the world through Skype consultations and coaching sessions.

My specialized approach to behavior modification focuses on establishing a foundation, that can be plugged into any behavioral challenge. It works with any dog, any breed, any age.

The training is fun and effective, and helps people see their dog in a whole new light.

More about our online courses.

Our online dog training courses instruct you on how to break down any problem behavior into a manageable step by step training program. The secret to success when dealing with aggression or anxiety is to create a foundation that can be systematically built upon. Many dog trainers try to rush the process. Skipping steps leads to frustration, confusion and an endless amount of failed training attempts.

A weak foundation can lead to major road blocks down the road. Our training sessions are 5-10 minutes in length and builds off of itself. You’ll start training in the comfort of your living room and learn how to work training into practical, real life situations. 

If you are looking for a structured dog training program, step by step instructions, and training that will make you feel proud of your dog’s successes and confident in your dog’s abilities – this is the place to be.