Behavior Training
for Dogs with Anxiety
and Aggression

Welcome! I'm your instructor, Alyssa.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist

Alyssa Rose is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior specialist that offers one-on-one training and online courses for dogs that exhibit anxious or aggressive behavior. Alyssa implements positive reinforcement based training within a proven system that gets to the root cause of problem behavior. Our course will give you:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Structured approach to better understand problem behavior
  • Confidence about your training skills 
  • Confidence about your dog’s learning abilities
  • A solid understanding of how training carries over into real world challenges

“Passionate about helping dogs live their fullest life by getting to the root of behavior problems.” – Alyssa Rose, CPDT-KA

Course Learning Objectives


These courses will show you what great training is made of, regardless of whether you are teaching your dog a new behavior or modifying undesirable behavior.


These courses will teach you how to establish training in a manner that will make your dog’s challenges into reinforcement, in order to achieve strong, lasting results.


These courses are based upon the principle that a good relationship is based on two way communication. Learn how to meet your dog’s needs and work towards behavioral goals at the same time.


These courses will demonstrate how to set the stage for learning in your home. Training will start in your living room and progressively build to more challenging environments.


These courses are all about learning how to effectively minimize stress, fear and anxiety that could be leading to behavioral challenges.

Work your dog through behavioral issues like a pro!

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Training Features

Step by Step Training

This course provides exercises that are easy to follow. Weekly training builds off of itself so that your progression will feel seamless.

Video Demonstrations

This course has high quality videos that will make it fun to follow along in the comfort of your own home.

Easy to Understand

This course will not only show you how to implement training, but will provide easy to follow explanations of the importance of each exercise so that you can train with confidence.

Online Community

A facebook community of like minded individuals will offer support and encouragement in knowing that you are not the only one facing tough issues with your dog.

Coaching Sessions

Regularly scheduled question and answer sessions will be offered to those that have completed the course and want more information about how to use the training to gain optimal results.